QITP's & Benchmarks


We use Quality Inspection and Test Plans (QITP’s) for different activities, establishing a timeline for completion and ensuring that all team members are on the same page. 


Benchmark for workflows

We also establish benchmarks for workflows to ensure that our team is working efficiently and effectively. We believe that consistent performance is key to meeting our clients’ expectations.

Quality Records

To ensure that all aspects of the project meet our rigorous standards, we use Quality Records for site inspections, site tests, and commissioning. 


Roof leak tests

We conduct roof leak tests at roof handover to the client to ensure that the building envelope is watertight and ready for use.



M&O manuals

We provide M&O manuals that outline procedures for ongoing maintenance and operations of the building, ensuring that it continues to function properly for years to come.



For services that require it, we create SOOs (Service Order Outlines) that detail the specific requirements for each service. This helps to ensure that all parties involved in the project are on the same page and that the client understands the scope of the project.


Client training

We provide client training on SOO basis to ensure that the client understands the services required and can handle any issues that may arise during the project.


Regular reporting

Throughout the project, we provide regular reporting to our clients, both on and off-site. This includes documentation of materials and long-lead equipment, as well as progress updates on construction, quality control, snagging, and close-out.



To ensure compliance with legal requirements, we have an Internal Compliance Manager off-site and a Competent Quality Officer on-site. They are responsible for overseeing the following aspects:

  • Social security requirements, customs & A1 registrations
  • Work time requirements
  • Payment requirements, including legal minimum wage and applicable tariff regulations
  • Qualifications, trainings, and certifications for personnel and equipment
  • Technical compliance with local regulations

Our compliance team also monitors and keeps our database updated, ensuring completeness, correctness, and actuality of all relevant information.

We work in cooperation with the German-“foreign” Chamber of Commerce in every country where we operate, as well as with local administrative authorities such as social security authorities. Additionally, we register for tax purposes in several European countries and consult with tax offices and accounting advisers when necessary. This includes handling turnover tax, preparing statistical reports, and managing wage tax accounting.

Finally, we collaborate with organizations such as IFBS (Industrial Association for Light Steel Construction) to ensure compliance with European standards and to ensure that each project meets the local and contractual agreed standards.


Our health & safety / SCC**

SCC certification

  • SCC** company certificate since 2010
  • SCC certificates for employees:
  • SCC 017 = VOL for managers
  • SCC 018 = VCA for operatives


Safety officer

  • For Borgel Elementbau: internal safety officers / external safety expert
  • For construction projects: Safety Manager(s) at site (full-time / familiar with project requirements and local regulations)

Project HSE programme

  • Safety manual / RAMS incl. COSHH / LPs
  • Instructions, trainings, toolbox talks, LMRA
  • Internal HSE site walks (with green/yellow/red cards) / internal HSE audits / HSE league (criteria score) / safety inspections of equipment
  • 5-point PPE / helmets with chinstrap
  • Further H&S actions following the project requirements

Staff wellbeing

  • Welfare facilities for staff at site are standard (office and day accommodation containers / sanitary containers)


Environmental issues / Sustainability

  • Environmental policy (in General Liability Insurance)
  • 20 years without environmental offences
  • Construction work with LEED and DGNB consideration (if applicable)
  • General:
  • Waste management / separation (e.g. wood / foil / scrap metal / mixed waste ) / packaging waste reduction / specialist disposal
  • Local procurement where applicable (e.g. working platforms, cranes, scaffolding, material, etc.)
  • If use of woods occurs – only FSC certified wood
  • Environmental product documentation (certifications, VOC information, etc.)
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