Palm, Aalen: Sustainable rebuilding of the parent plant

Founded in 1872, Papierfabrik Palm replaces three old paper machines at its main plant in Neukochen with a single ultra-modern facility. It will double the factory’s production output and produce corrugated base paper for the production of corrugated cardboard boxes. 1200 people work at peak times on the construction project, which is being built between 2019 and 2022.
Since late summer 2020, it has already been possible to have a look at the almost completed 230 m long paper machine hall, where the assembly work for the construction of the new paper machine is now underway until around March 2021. The rebuilding of the Palm parent plant, including the reel storage facility, wastewater treatment plant and power plant, is intended to strengthen the competitiveness of the company for the next decades.


Special feature for Borgel Elementbau: Vapour-tight building envelope
During a paper production high humidity / water vapour is generated. With our façade elements, we have to create a building envelope that is sealed against vapour, because the exhaust air from the paper machine hall is to be discharged “loss-free” via the roof and led into a common chimney together with the exhaust air from the power plant.


Type of building: Paper plant for the
production of corrugated base paper

Client: Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG
Location: Neukochen/Aalen

Services of Borgel Elementbau:
Roof: 42,000m² of trapezoidal roof profiles
Wall: 18.000m² of trapezoidal profiles,
6,000m² of Domico smooth sheet metal façade,
Fire wall inside the building,
1,500m² of mineral wool sandwich panels
Further services: Ventilation grilles


Completion: expected in summer 2022.

Aerial photo above: machine hall (left) and roller warehouse on 5 Nov. 2020, Aerial photo with the back of the machine hall in the foreground on 10 Dec. 2020,
courtesy of Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co. KG