What we offer …

Like a family, our company is constantly developing. We set ourselves goals and achieve them. We grow with our tasks. Getting down to it and mastering challenges – that is what we expect from you – whether you are a facade builder, industrial clerk or project manager.

With us, you can go your own way – further your education, gain experience, make a career. Grow with us, drive your dreams forward!

We will accompany you on your way and, of course, provide you with appropriate remuneration – because good work has its price. Our communication is open and honest, direct and straightforward. We are passionate about working together for our clients, because that is what ultimately makes the difference – between success and failure.

If you want to make this difference too, then come to Borgel. It is in your hands.

Training at Borgel

From the beginning, the Borgel Group’s training concept attaches great value to the independent and autonomous work of the trainees. In a positive and learner-friendly working atmosphere, where experience and knowledge is shared collegially, trainees can grow with their tasks. They experience how their self-confidence and enjoyment of their work increases through the relatively quick assumption of their own areas of responsibility. A further plus: Due to the very different projects, the tasks are very diversified.