ETS Mischfutterwerk

P R O J E C T   D A T A:
Type of construction: compound feed plant with office wing and cleaning building
Client: ETS-Mischfutterwerke in Saerbeck
Location: Ladbergen
Services of Borgel Elementbau GmbH:
Approx. 1,400 m² of trapezoidal roof profiles – divided into 3 roof areas with heights of 10 m, 16 m and 44 m. Total facade area of approx. 5,800 m² of which: main building: 4,500 m² of cassette wall, insulation with trapezoidal profile, stair tower: 750 m² of Z-subconstruction on concrete wall with trapezoidal profile, cleaning building: 550 m² of sandwich panels, 1,500 m² of interior walls with sandwich panels, roof sealing as warm roof executed by subcontractor

Außenansicht ETS Mischfutterwerk, Borgel Projekte