Palm Paper (UK): Gas turbine power plant for Europe’s largest newsprint machine

P R O J E C T   D A T A:
Type of construction: New CCGT power plant (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine / Gas Turbine Power Plant) as well as extension measure ultrafiltration at the waste water treatment plant
Client: Palm Paper Ltd, King’s Lynn (UK)
Location: Saddlebow Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England
Project management: BHM Ingenieure, Feldkirch (Austria)
Services of Borgel Elementbau GmbH:
Roof and façade cladding: approx. 1,000 m² of trapezoidal profiles as roof support shell / 2,300 m² of cassette wall with trapezoidal profile cover shell / approx. 700 m² of sidings façade on solid wall / approx. 250 m² of sandwich panel façade / approx. 1,100 m² of trapezoidal profile cladding on pipe bridge / domelights with SHEV function / steel interior and exterior doors / rolling gate elements / aluminium window façades / ventilation grilles

Außenansicht Palm Paper UK, Borgel Projekte