Rhein Ruhr Express: Siemens maintenance facility

P R O J E C T   D A T A:
Type of construction: office wing, workshop hall including car wash, bogie warehouse, building underfloor wheel set lathes (UFD)
Client: Siemens AG
Location: Dortmund
Services of Borgel Elementbau:
5,730 m² of interior and exterior wall surfaces with mineral wool thermal panels. Waste material storage: Roof with 675 m² of trapezoidal profile. Bogie storage: Roof with 270 m² of trapezoidal profile, wall with 240 m² of trapezoidal profile. UFD: Roof with 240 m² of trapezoidal profile, wall with 430 m² of thermal panels. Office wing: smooth sheet metal panels from Domico.

Außenansicht Rhein Ruhr Express, Borgel Projekte