Salzgitter Flachstahl

P R O J E C T   D A T A:
Type of construction: coal-milling tower, seven outbuildings
Client: Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH
Location: Salzgitter
Services of Borgel Elementbau GmbH:
Coal grinding tower: Mineral wool sandwich panels with fire protection function and sound insulation for 8,500 m² of wall as well as 1,400 m² of roof bearing shells with warm roof structure as sealing. 1,000 m² trapezoidal profile for the 70 m high elevator shaft. Three outbuildings: 2,500 m² of trapezoidal profiles as additional weather protection. Four outbuildings for coal transport: mineral wool sandwich panels for 1,350 m² of wall and trapezoidal profiles for approx. 265 m² of roof.

Außenansicht Salzgitter Flachstahl, Borgel Projekte