Sprinkenhof GmbH / Fraunhofer IWES

P R O J E C T   D A T A:
Type of building: office wing and hall for research test stand
Client: Sprinkenhof GmbH in Hamburg, User: Fraunhofer IWES and CC4E
Location: Hamburg-Bergedorf
Services of Borgel Elementbau GmbH:
Hall: 14 m high, façade area of around 740 m² with steel cassettes including insulation and substructure with corrugated aluminium façades. Rank aids for green vegetation on the north and west side of the hall, for load transfer fixed into the substructure. Hall roof: Trapezoidal profiles as subconstruction for heat sealing. Transform room: clad in the appearance of the hall. Two-part subconstruction incl. insulation due to solid reinforced concrete wall. Office wing: 37 m² of facade cladding in small partial areas (4.25 m² / 1.36 m²). Coated flashings for edging all facade openings in the reveal area. Attic as upper end of the office masonry. Office main entrance: Canopy with plug-in panels as weather protection and optical upgrading.

Außenansicht Sprikenhof GmbH, Borgel Projkte