“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves – those that don’t adapt will fail.”

- Jeff Bezos | Founder of Amazon

BIM - Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an advanced digital process that has revolutionized the planning, execution, and monitoring of construction projects. At Borgel Elementbau, we use BIM to enable our customers to have a comprehensive and accurate planning of their construction projects.

With BIM, all relevant information for a construction project is digitally captured, stored, and shared. This includes data on building components, materials, systems, and processes. Creating a single digital model of a building allows architects, engineers, and construction companies to collaborate in real time and optimize the project. 

BIM also offers the possibility to identify and resolve potential problems and deviations in planning early on. One of the main advantages of BIM is the reduction of errors and unnecessary costs. Since all stakeholders have access to the same information from the beginning, planning and execution processes can be optimally coordinated. This leads to higher accuracy and planning security. The possibility of collaboration enables decisions to be made faster and the project to be managed more effectively.

3D Laser Scan

In recent years, digitalization has also greatly advanced the construction industry, and at Borgel Elementbau, we are proud to always be up to date with the latest technology. One of the newest technological tools we use in our construction projects is the 3D laser scan. With this technology, we can digitally capture and model buildings and construction sites, allowing for comprehensive and precise planning of our projects. The 3D laser scan is a state-of-the-art instrument that allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of existing conditions and create accurate models of existing buildings, rooms, or construction sites. 

Through these precise models, we can perform accurate measurements and quickly identify deviations between plan and actual conditions. The result is better coordination and planning of complex construction projects. This leads to a smoother process of construction projects, as potential problems can be identified early on. Our customers benefit from a higher degree of accuracy in measuring building components and targeted monitoring of progress and quality assurance. 

Digital Work

Not only in construction projects, but also in the modernization of our offices, Borgel Elementbau relies on digitization. Video conferencing rooms offer an excellent way to connect with customers and colleagues around the world. Thanks to modern technologies, meetings can be planned quickly and easily without requiring physical presence. This saves time and costs and allows us to move projects forward more quickly.

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