BMI: Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Borgel Elementbau relies on digital innovation for successful construction projects.

At Borgel Elementbau, we made a conscious decision to embrace Building Information Modeling (BIM) - a revolutionary digital method that has completely changed the entire way we approach construction projects.

BIM allows us to digitally capture all relevant information about a construction project in an intelligent 3D model of your building. This model enables real-time collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors to design the project in the best possible way.

One of the great benefits of BIM is that we can identify and fix potential problems and deviations in the design early on. As a result, we minimize errors and reduce unnecessary costs. By sharing the same information from the outset, we can coordinate planning and execution processes optimally.

Our commitment to BIM shows that we are always striving to offer innovative and future-oriented solutions that sustainably improve the construction industry. At Borgel Elementbau, we stand for the highest quality and efficiency, and Building Information Modeling is an important building block on our way to successful and smooth construction projects.

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