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As an assembler in lightweight metal construction, you are responsible for the professional assembly of metal constructions. You work in a team, are precise and confident in the implementation, and contribute to the successful realization of our projects.

As a Technical System Planner/Draftsman in lightweight metal construction, you will be responsible for creating detailed and precise technical drawings and plans for metal structures, ensuring they meet design specifications and safety standards.

As a Site Manager, you will oversee all aspects of a construction project, from planning and budgeting to coordinating labor and materials, ensuring smooth and efficient project execution. You will also be responsible for ensuring compliance with safety regulations, resolving on-site issues, and maintaining clear communication between stakeholders to achieve successful project completion.

During your training as a technical system planner in lightweight metal construction, you will learn to create customized designs and plans for lightweight metal structures. You work closely with engineers and specialists to implement innovative and efficient solutions.

As a BMI-Coordinator in Building Envelope, you will be responsible for designing and coordinating the construction of the building’s exterior envelope, focusing on materials and systems that ensure energy efficiency, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

We cordially invite you to become part of our team! Our company is continuously developing, like a family that sticks together. We set ourselves goals and work with a commitment to achieve them.

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