Internship/Working Student, Full-time · Hörstel


  • Planning Support: Assist in creating technical drawings and plans for lightweight metal construction.
  • CAD Design: Use CAD software to implement designs and technical sketches.
  • Documentation: Help document construction projects and technical specifications.


  • Student with Technical Interest: Currently attending school with an interest in technical contexts and constructions.
  • Basic Understanding of Technical Drawings: Initial experience or interest in technical drawings is beneficial.
  • Team Player and Committed: Motivated to work in a team and learn new things.


  • Practical Insights: Gain practical insights into the world of a Technical System Planner.
  • Supportive Environment: An experienced team supports you in expanding your knowledge and developing practical skills.
  • Real Projects: Opportunity to work on real construction projects and deepen your skills.

Interested in gaining practical experience in technical system planning? Send us your application and explore the exciting world of construction and planning with us during your school internship!


The Borgel Group is a growing and internationally successful company in industrial and commercial construction, based in northern Münsterland near Osnabrück. As experts in lightweight metal construction building envelopes, we handle projects across Europe for renowned clients, tackling complex challenges with passion.